Bayon School

The NGO Bayon School, is recognized as such beneficial to the general interest of society. For 15 years, they have provided free and quality education to underprivileged children living in the villages in the Angkor temples

All Dreams Cambodia is actively supporting the initiatives of the French NGO “L’École du Bayon” on having visitors travelling to Siem Reap with All Dreams Cambodia sampling the cakes and delicacies served at the small Café Shop and prepared by the young students of L’Ecole du Bayon Bakery School located in the center of Siem Reap town, thus enabling mostly young and underprivileged girl students from remote villages located nearby the Angkor areas to receive a proper training and preparing them for securing a steady employment in the future. 

The opportunity:
150 hotels in Siem Reap host millions of tourists every year. These hotels have to stand out and diversify their offer, especially in their catering and desserts.

For young people in Siem Reap it is also very difficult to find an employment without professional training. The available options are inaccessible to modest families.
The situation is ever tougher for young girls. They suffer great family pressure to get married or even worse; to go into prostitution.

The pastry project partners with French Chef Alain Cojean and will be launched in September 2014.

Ecole Du Bayon goal:
To provide the girls of Siem Reap with a professional training, leading to a stable job in an expanding industry, by the creation of a Pastry School. 

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