Cambodia Living Arts

CLA implements a series of programs with the intention of creating a self-sustaining environment where individuals and communities can be empowered through the arts.

Cambodia Living Arts (CLA) is a non-profit organization based in Cambodia that focuses on the arts. CLA implements a series of programs with the intention of creating a self-sustaining environment where individuals and communities can be empowered through the arts.

Through the Community Arts program, they initiated high-quality, traditional performing arts classes reaching over 1000 students in 9 provinces in Cambodia, and are working with these communities to independently sustain these classes or become self-sustaining performing troupes.

Their Capacity Building program provides 38 scholarships a year to arts students who wish to increase their skills as artists or other arts professionals. They organize workshops with arts experts. They offer courses for those in a position to develop the cultural sector to be strong, qualified arts leaders.   

Through Creative Industries, they stage Cambodian traditional arts shows where over 100 artists, technicians and managers get regular, well-paid work and a valuable experience. They organize tours where visitors form deep, emotional bonds to Cambodian performing arts. They produce cultural products that Cambodian and international audiences can enjoy while fostering a sustainable environment for the arts.


Whether you’re an experienced traveler, long-term expatriate or visiting Cambodia for the first time, Cambodian Living Arts offers you an opportunity unlike any other.

Experience the Kingdom of Culture through the Plae Pakaa program of traditional arts performances in the manificient gardens of the National Museum in Phnom Penh – and very soon also in Siem Reap! Plae Pakaa’s spectacular casts recreate Cambodian ancient tales and sagas through authentic performances of classical dance, theater and music.

Performance schedule:         
October to March: every Monday to Saturday at 7pm

June to August: every Friday and Saturday at 7pm

To learn more:          

Or, come and see, learn and participate in one of the Living Arts Experiences – to understand Cambodia through the lens of arts and culture. Let the artists and cultural ambassadors take you out of Cambodia’s urban centers and into the provinces, where emerging artists teach, rehearse and share their talents.            
The Living Arts Experiences are perfect for individuals and groups of any size and all ages. Choose from a variety of formats, locations and art forms. All Dreams Cambodia encourage you to:
– take part in the workshops with masters and emerging artists,           
– observe arts and musical classes and rehearsals,
– explore your own artistic abilities through private lessons.

Through these cultural outings, you contribute to the arts community – not only by providing income for the artists and CLA programming, but by broadening local perspectives through your visitations, questions and shared moments. Together we can empower emerging arts professionals through their development and employment. Your participation enhances the mission of Cambodian Living Arts to transform and revitalize the country through creative expression.

Contact info

Cambodian Living Arts (CLA)
#128 G9, Sothearos Blvd.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

T. (+855) 017 998 570