Champey Academy Of Arts

CHAMPEY ACADEMY OF ARTS (CAA) is one of local professional and non-profit schools in Phnom Penh working on Cambodian traditional performing arts training program.

CHAMPEY ACADEMY OF ARTS is one of the local professional and non-profit schools in Phnom Penh working on Cambodian traditional performing art training and art instruction. Established in January 2013 with the idea of keeping up our traditional performing arts and art work, they exist with their sharp vision to see such knowledge efficiently passed through to next generations. Through their Fast-Free-Professional (FFP) training program on traditional dance, music, drawing/painting class, they strongly believe that the students spend approximately their training time 50% shorter than usual training period of some institutions and with very good and professional results.

Also, they strongly motivate talent students from poor and/or vulnerable conditions by giving them with various kinds of supports such as free lunch, training uniforms, social activities, outings, mentality support, motivation, and scholarship to keep them learning. With the FFP training programs, those students can use this skill for self-living in proper and safe conditions in the future

Vision: To see Cambodian traditional arts alive, aware, and popular throughout the country.

Mission: To preserve, protect and promote Cambodian culture to be passed through next generation by providing instruction completely free of charge to young Cambodian people.


1. Provide FFP training classes of traditional dance, traditional music, and traditional drawing/ painting and visual art.

2. Conduct exchange programs.

3. Produce training documentaries.

4. Provide Support Program for poor students.

5. Cooperate with any art networks for raising public awareness on Cambodian traditional arts and disseminating to local and international community.

Scheduled Visit:

Please visit Champey Academy of Arts during the scheduled class times to observe and to learn about the program of instruction in traditional Cambodian dance and music for children.
Daily classes scheduled
Monday – Saturday:
7:30AM-11:00AM & 1:30PM- 5:00PM
Sunday: Closed.

Contact info

1E0Z, Street 19z, Sangkat Chey Chumnas, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Mr. Thang Haksreng, Marketing Assistant
T. +855 (0)23-555-2057 / +855 (0)70-237-894
E. /