Our Communities

Enjoy the “Cambodian Circus” show in Siem Reap / Angkor by energetic & talented young professional artists from Phare!

Originating from drawing workshops at a refugee camp on the Thai border, Phare Ponleu Selpak (meaning the brightness of the arts) provides free artistic training, education and social support to more than 1000 young students every day.

Set up to ensure that young Cambodians have access to a new world of tourism opportunities, students at Paul Dubrule Hotel and Tourism School learn both theory and practical skills required for the hospitality industry.

Linking conservation, ecotourism, environmental education & sustainable development.

SIPAR is a collective adventure, devoted entirely to the development of reading in Cambodia.

Established in 1991, Krousar Thmey (which means “New Family”) gives material, educational and social support to abandoned and orphaned children, street children and victims of trafficking.

Working with marginalized children/youth, their families and their communities, Mith Samlanh’s projects are designed to assist the children’s social reintegration.

PSE provide food, health care, accommodation and education to underprivileged children working and living around a Phnom Penh garbage dump.

The NGO Bayon School, is recognized as such beneficial to the general interest of society. For 15 years, they have provided free and quality education to underprivileged children living in the villages in the Angkor temples.

CLA implements a series of programs with the intention of creating a self-sustaining environment where individuals and communities can be empowered through the arts.

Cambolac aims to help alleviate poverty in Cambodia through work inclusion. They give vulnerable communities the means to benefit from tourism.

Each year, Sala Baï offers more than 100 disadvantaged students from across the country hospitality training.

Handicap International has been working in Cambodia for almost 30 years.

Transform your carbon-print into Safe Drinking Water for Communities in remote Cambodian villages!

CHAMPEY ACADEMY OF ARTS (CAA) is one of local professional and non-profit schools in Phnom Penh working on Cambodian traditional performing arts training program.

“If you don’t have anyone collecting it, if you don’t have any means to stop it, then this is the reality of what will happen and keep on happening…. Every river, every lake just filled with mountains and mountains of plastic as is already the case all over Cambodia (The Guardian, 2018).”

Banteay Chhmar was established in 2006 by an NGO called APLC (= Agir pour le Cambodge) and currently is supported by Global Heritage Fund.

The Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia exists in order to help village people in Cambodia to secure their basic needs, through a partnership programme.

Golden Silk Pheach is a rare gem in the world of silk production.

Angkor Kids Center’s mission is to aid rural Angkorian communities in improving their own standards of living.


Artisan d’Angkor is as devoted to the economic integration of Cambodian local rural youth as it is committed to the revitalization of Khmer craftsmanship.


“We act with audacity and authenticity to give Cambodian handicrafts a new dimension”