& Tips

When travelling to the Kingdom of Cambodia …

And while preparing your travel and stay, visitors should think about what to bring along and to take care to observe local customs and common sense practices. You may find it useful to familiarize yourself with the following common Facts and Tips before embarking on your trip to Cambodia.


1- Good shoes for the visits of the temples; tongs and sandals are not recommended;


2- Bring a cap + sun glasses for sun protection and sunscreen protection cream; Straw hats are available for sale at Temple entrances (around USD 1,50 to 2 $ per piece); Drinking a lot of water is recommended, so keep in mind to often drink as much as possible so to avoid severe dehydration;


3- Light clothing as it may be getting hot as early as in February/March until July/August, while a raincoat and K-way is recommended for the rainy season from July to October (also, as the temples are still worshipped by the Khmers,inappropriate clothing is not recommended as you may be turned away for the visit of the temples); when traveling, always keep a traditional “krama” (Khmer scarf) with you as it is a very helpful piece of cloth;


4- Mosquito repellent may be helpful for the persons allergic to mosquito bites;


5- Some medicines (Paracetamol, Imodium) may be helpful though good pharmacies are available around town and in Shopping malls / No need for malaria treatment (though recommended if going to the remote places and far-Eastern provinces such as Mondolkiri or Rattanakiri);


6- IMPORTANT: Have ready upon arrival 1 or 2 ID-Photos for visa processing on arrival at Airport; your photo for temple passes will be taken on spot when processing the pass. Have some small US Dollar change and notes / one-1, five-5 or ten-10 US$ notes (exchange Rates may sometimes be more advantageous in Cambodia);Also note that your passport MUST be valid 06/six months AFTER the date of your planned departure from Cambodia!


7- Suggestion for lunch: you may want to have lunch at Le Jardin des Délices, the Training Restaurant of the Paul Dubrule Hotel and Hospitality School on weekdays (Tuesdays to Fridays), and meet with students, then visit the school (all proceeds for lunch go to the Scholarship funds); many other possibilities for eatery venues are now available in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap cities, while Battambang have seen new places sprucing up, and fresh seafood is available at Kep (famous for its Kampot Pepper Fried Crab) or in Sihanoukville;


8- Be careful of NOT LOSING the individual Temple pass (otherwise you may need to purchase a new one);


9- Make sure you do not lose the Departure cards (second sheet/part of the Arrival card) which should have been stapled onto your passport by the Immigration official, and to be filled out before checking-in and going through Immigration Police on departure day.