Golden Silk Pheach

Golden Silk Pheach is a rare gem in the world of silk production.

Golden Silk Pheach is a rare gem in the world of silk production — cultivating, weaving and designing silk products of the finest quality. Embracing Cambodian tradition dating back to pre-Angkorian times, all Golden Silk Pheach designs are handmade from start to finish, using only natural materials, organic methods, and thread from a rare and delicate breed of silkworm. Often described not as pieces of cloth but as pieces of art, every Golden Silk Pheach piece is timeless in design, luxurious to the touch and exquisite to the eye.

It all started with a few treasured pieces of silk. More than 100 years old, faded and worn, these precious relics were all that remained of a Cambodian family’s heritage; their only connection to their past. It was an appreciation of the craftsmanship, and a fear this skill would be lost forever, that motivated Oum Sophea (“Pheach”) to establish Golden Silk Pheach as a not-for-profit organisation in 2002. The Golden Silk Pheach mission is simple: to revive the prestigious reputation of Cambodian silk of bygone eras, and to support local communities in the process. Combining extensive research into the ancient art form, with modern approaches to sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism, Golden Silk Pheach has ensured future generations will long have a connection to Cambodia’s proud history. Golden Silk Pheach specialises in Ikat and Royal Brocade patterns (which were the preference of Angkorian kings and queens) and offers a link to ancient times and values – when quality was more valuable than quantity.

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