The elephants at the Kulen Elephant Forest have spent most of their lives working in the tourism industry and are enjoying a long-awaited and well-deserved retirement. Here in the forest, they can finally roam free and unburdened. They will rediscover relationships, natural foods they haven’t eaten in years, and receive the best of care.

Our mission is to provide our residents with a happy and comfortable retirement but also to offer a fun, educational approach to elephant conservation and contribute as much as possible to preserving the remaining elephants of Cambodia.

Setting an Example

Retiring the elephants of Angkor is a major transition in Cambodia’s perception of elephants’ roles in society and culture. We hope that this transition will help inspire elephant owners across Cambodia to look more towards the conservation model as a real alternative.


We hope to pioneer a successful breeding programme for Cambodia’s elephants. With so few remaining in isolated pockets, we must strive to protect genetic diversity to combat inbreeding


Visitors will get a chance to learn the very real implications of elephant conservation in Cambodia. We offer an ethical, pragmatic and scientific rationale to the conservation debate, a message that we hope our visitors will understand and spread.


We aim to provide support and assistance whenever possible to the captive elephant community of Cambodia. Whether it be through advising, educating, resource exchange or hosting elephants in need of care; we are ready to lend a helping hand.

Contact info

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