Sala Baï 

Each year, Sala Baï offers more than 100 disadvantaged students from across the country hospitality training

Each year, Sala Baï offers more than 100 disadvantaged students from across the country hospitality training. In addition to training, students receive accommodation, a bicycle, meals, uniforms and school supplies and a 2-month internship. The fact that over 100% of the students get a job in less than 2 months after graduation is a testament to the school’s success.

Sala Baï Hotel & Restaurant School was founded in 2002 by the French NGO Agir pour le Cambodge, and is entirely and exclusively catering for young Cambodians coming from underprivileged families. More than 1300 young people with a 70% priority dedicated to young girl students who have been trained at Sala Baï. They have all found a job within their one-year training. A few years later, their average salary goes from $250 to $350 which enables them to reach the emerging Cambodian middle-class.

The vocational training taught at Sala Baï is clearly one of the fastest and most cost-efficient ways of fighting poverty and human trafficking at the grass roots level.

But without your support, nothing would be possible. Give wings to young Cambodians full of hope and potential to contribute to their training through sponsorship, donation or even booking a holiday or going to lunch at our Hotel and Restaurant School. The Training Restaurant is open for breakfast everyday and lunch on weekdays except school holidays.

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