The 1st National Tourist Guide Training

The 1st National Tourist Guide Training was jointly organized by the Ministry of Tourism and the Royal School of Administration.

The first generation National Tour Guide Training took place July 13rd, 2015 with 57 candidates, including 11 females, who are well qualified with general knowledge and possess at least 3-year experiences in tour guide profession, recognized by Ministry of Tourism.

After completing the 4-months weekend training, Cambodia is going to have the 1st National Tourist Guides are entitled to lead tourists throughout the country. 

The examination took place in compliance with the new mechanism of the Ministry of Tourism, composed on steering committee for ensuring transparency, accuracy and quality of the exam and to eliminate irregularities during exam enrollment, as well as to improve the Cambodia Tourist Guide quality of services. The Exam was observed by representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, Director of ERA/Ecole Royale d’Administration, representatives of the Cambodian Association of Travel Agents and the Cambodian Association of Tourist Guide.

It should be noted as well that, according to the sub-decree on Tourist Guide, there are five categories of tour guides, namely: 

– National Tourist Guide;

– Provincial Tourist Guide; 

– Community Tourist Guide;

– Special Tourist Guide…

Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia and All Dreams Cambodia team

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